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GBA-600 Plastic glove making machine

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It is the ideal equipment for batch production of PE, EVA and CPE film gloves.

It has advantages such as stable product quality, automatic control, easy to operate and maintenance.
1. Micro computer contact screen to control.
2. Three-phase mixing motor to pull material.
3. The pieces can be set up freely.
4. It is a suitable for using all kinds of molds, easy operation.
5. One year for warranty
6. Long using life

Items Parameter
Bag making speed 100-130 pcs/minute
Bag making length 200-600mm
Bag making width 300mm
Bag making thickness 0.008-0.03mm
Machine main controller Computer controller
Total power of machine 5.5kw
bag making controller Tracking photocell
Brand of temperature controller Made In China
Dimension of the machine 3450*1000*1100mm
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