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GBBCR-1000 II Automatic draw tape bag making machine

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Features for Automatic Rolling Garbage Bag Making Machine with Poly Draw strings
1) the aircraft used by the company's advanced technology manufacturing.
2) using computer-controlled, stepping motor structure models.
3) with the photoelectric automatic tracking, with white bags, color bags conversion, fixed-length micro-computer, automatic counting, the number of alarms, automatic temperature control.
4) with automatic cut mouth, fighting holes, the Big Dipper Park hole, wearing belts, belt shift, side sealing, bottom sealing, point break, fold, roll and sub-volume mechanical devices.
5) with no tension sealing mechanism, sealing off sync with the point, back strong and beautiful.
6) the aircraft can be processed with garbage bags on roll, roll flat bags and flat bags function.
7) machine using a production line, high automation, is the production of garbage bags to wear with the ideal equipment, a repla

Model GBBCR-1000
Bag making width 300-850mm
Bag making length 100-950mm
Bag making speed 20-70m/min
Bag making thickness 0.02-0.05mm
The kinds of bag making Color printing bagsWhite bags
Bag making methods Rolling bag
Total power 11kw
Dimension of the machine 7500×1700×1850mm
Total weight 3800kg
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