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GBCP-500 PP Film Blowing Machine

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It adapts to produce different specs of transparant packing bag such as apparel package, children's toy package., medical product package and so on.

1- Screw and barrel: The screw and barrel are made of 38CRMOALA high quality alloy Steel. It is after fine finishing and nitrided treatment. It has high hardness, strong resistance to Corrosion, durable service.
2- Die head: The die head is plated with hard chrome, of screw mandrel type structure. It can Strengthen the intensity and evenness of plastic film.
3- Rotary Die head device: Rotary die head can be rotated to left or right 360 angles, it can Strengthen the intensity and evenness of plastic film
4-Double Rewinder: Double rewinder device is suitable for single layer film roller. It is back to Back structure. The rewinder adopts pressure friction rewinding or center rewinding device, Which is driven by torque motor. It is even and smooth rewinding and easy roll changing.

Model GBCP-500 GBCP-700
Suitable material PP PP
Film widthrange 500mm 700mm
Film thickness 0.015-0.15mm 0.015-0.15mm
Screw diameter 55mm 65mm
Screw(L/D)ratio 30:1 30:1
Screw/Barrel material 38CrMoAl 38CrMoAl
Heater capacity 15kw 18kw
Auto-thermo control(point) 5 5
Barrel cooling blower 0.25kw×2 0.25kw×2
Driving motor 11kw 18.5kw
Die diameter 200mm 280mm
Air ring diameter 350mm 450mm
Production volume 40kg/h 60kg/h
Cooling fan 0.25kw×4 0.25kw×4
Take-up roller width 600mm 800mm
Effective width 500mm 700mm
Take-up motor 1.1kw 1.5kw
Take-up speed 5-30m/min 5-30m/min
Winding roller width 600mm 800mm
Max winding width 450mm 450mm
Winding motor 0.5kgf/cm 0.5kgf/cm
Machine dimension 5000×1600×3800mm 5300×1800×3800mm
Net/Grossweight 2100/2600kg 2400/3000kg

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