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GBD-500 flat bottomed & vest bag maker

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This equipment is designed and manufactured on the basis of overseas advanced technology as well as domestic leading product of the same kind. As a fully automatic computer-controlled bag maker, it is mainly used to manufacture bags with films like PE, PP, PVC, etc.

Feature :
photoelectric controlled automatic feeding, photoelectric color-code follow-up, double or quadruple feeding, double or quadruple sealing, motor speed and bag length control by computer, automatic pile-up, etc., this machine is an ideal one to produce vest bag, flat-bottomed bag and fertilizer bag. ( Japan Panasonic Servo Motor and Servo Driver )

  • photocell : with
  • material : PE
Model GBD-500 GBD-700 GBD-900
Bag making width 100-500mm 100-700mm 100-900mm
Bag making length 50-1200mm 50-1200mm 50-1200mm
Bag making speed 20-140bags/minute×4
Bag making thickness 0.008-0.20mm
The kinds of bag making Color printing bags;white bags
Bag making methods Single sealing and single cutting;double sealing and single cutting
Total power 5kw 6kw 8kw
Dimension of the machine 3800×1100×1500mm 3800×1300×1580mm 3800×1500×1580mm

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