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GBD-700/900*4 Flat Bottomed &Vest Maker

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The device is an automatic computerized bag manufacturing unit with optical ,mechanical and electrical technology with many years experience based on the 3rd generation of the product.The device is mainly used for bag manufaturing of PE.PP.PVC and etc .

photoelectric control for autimatic discharging,photoelectric tracking color printing,four working-position material discharging ,four working-step sealing ,step servo motor for control rate and bag length ,automatic counting and automatic piling ,especially used for production of white bags.

Model GBD-700×4 GBD-800×4 GBD-900×4
Bag making width 100-700mm 100-800mm 100-900mm
Bag making length 100-1000mm 100-1000mm 100-1000mm
Bag making speed 20-140bags/minute×4
Bag making thickness 0.008-0.20mm
The kinds of bag making Color printing bags;white bags
Bag making methods Four sealing and single cutting
Total power 8.5kw 8.8kw 9.5kw
Dimension of the machine 5200×1300×1500mm 5200×1450×1500mm 5200×1550×1500mm

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