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GBDR-500 Double Lines Rolling Vest bag Maker

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Machine is suitable for making rolling T-shirt bag and rolling flat bag in double lines.

1. It can be punched automatically in two production line which will increase the production and save the manpower.
2. Double track designs ,double production lines ,double photo scanners ,double servo motors .
3. Photocell for accurate registration of film printing points if the photocell can’t catch printing point the machine will stop automatically.
4. Inverter control speed ,easy operation ,reduce electric consumption .
5. When the output bags reach the setting number, the punch machine will clamp the bags, without stop.
6. New designed sealing blade ,when blade need be cleared up ,it can be turned 100°and fixed . It will be safe and easy to take care .
7. Strong sealing and output bags being tear up neatly.
8. Punching machine use air and liquid pressurized cylinder, so the noise is low and the gas consumption is little.




Bag making   width


Bag making   length


Bag making   speed


Bag making   thickness


The kinds of   bag making

Color   printing bagsWhite bags

Bag making   methods 

Rolling vest   bag and rolling flat bag

Total power


Dimension of   the machine


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