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GBZ-6600 Combine intaglio Printing Machine

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This machine is suitable for high quality and high level coloful continous printing of quality film reel of BOPP, PP, PET and paper. It has two kinds of chromatograph: By computer and by hand four you to choose. It is furnished with 360 degree adjusting plate and slight adjusting plate. Press printing roller adopts pneumatic intallation which can adjust the printing pressure freely.

It has printing ink recycling installation. The scraper moves back and forth. Put away and take in material in double way at the asme time. It is the most suitable equipment of printing the calendar, instant noodle's packing bag and high level compound packing bag.

Model GBZ-6600
Printing Width 400-600mm
Printing Colours 1-6 Colors
Match Printing Methods Manual
Total Power 32kw
Total Weight 8800kg
Intaglio Plate Diameter 80-320mm
Match Printing Presion <0.10-0.25mm
Dimension of The Machine 8500*1800*2300mm

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