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GBZR-500 Side Folding&Forming Machine

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It is a machine to make plastic bag for soft packaging and it's used for folding and enveloping before bags are made. The formed prod-ucts will be beautiful, neat and film for embossing. The machine features reliable performance, easy operation, etc.

Model GBZR-500 GBZR-700 GBZR-900
Forming  Width(mm) 200-500mm 300-700mm 400-900mm
Speed 70m/min 70m/min 70m/min
Power 1.5kw 1.8kw 2.5kw
Dimension of the machine 2800×1500×1750mm 3000×1800×1750mm 3200×2000×1750mm
Weight 500kg 650kg 800kg

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